The Story of a Garden

Claire de Quénetain presents her new collections of printed textiles for the home, “Springtime Delights” and “The Magic of a Language”. By creating a personal expression of painted marks and forms, Claire de Quénetain has been working on a new line of designs in the sphere between art and textile design.

These new chapters suggest a journey within an utopian garden. It reveals a glimpse of a visual language inspired by nature itself. The painted marks follow the magic of Spring time, when the natural life shows its colours and shapes. Claire de Quénetain proposes a variety of marks, by using different types of techniques and brings them to life with products such as fabrics by the metre, cushions and tableware. The fabrics have been printed in England on linen and cotton. The material shows extremely well the quality of the print from the original paintings and the depth of colours and its variants. 

Claire de Quénetain’s textiles aim to create a natural atmosphere for the interiors, where people can feel the freshness, the movement and the colourful sensations of gardens. People can become the characters of a garden story and are able to create their own mise en scène in order to celebrate everyday life.

Design: GUNMAD
Code: Benedict de Silva
Photography: Palida Boonyarungsrit & Emile Barret

Thanks to: Alix Janta-Polczynski