Les Vagabondes

The collection Les Vagabondes has been inspired by the work of the French gardener Gilles Clément and his books about gardens in movement. Clément’s view suggests that every plant and flower have their right to grow where they want and the gardener adapts his work in relation to their dynamic. The work of Piet Oudolf has been a big inspiration too.

“The play of transformation constantly upsets the layout of gardens. Everything is in the hands of the gardener. He is the designer. Movement is his tool, grass his material and life his knowledge.”
– Gilles Clément, Le Jardin en Mouvement


Abondance, Rhytme Sauvage and Mélodie Sauvage Fabrics

 A Light Wind, Conquête, Mélodie Sauvage and Pia Fabrics


Camilla Fabric

Camilla and Mélodie Sauvage Fabrics

Amalia and Illusion Fabrics 

Amalia, Illusion and Abondance Fabrics

Paradeisos, Aurore and Pia Fabrics 

Aurore and La Friche Fabrics 

The Wild Field and A Light Wind Fabrics 

The Wild Field Fabric 

Amalia Fabric 

Abondance, Pia, Rythme Sauvage and Lieu Abondonné Fabrics

Photos by Andrey Zouari

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